Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closer Look: 2013 El Paso County Comprehensive Mobility Plan

$120M County Pledge Will Help Fund Sixteen Projects

Earlier this month, County of El Paso Commissioners approved spending $120 million to help fund 16 major transportation projects throughout the county. Total costs for the projects are estimated at $392 million.
Four of the projects that will be helped by the County of El Paso include (counterclockwise from top left) the Spur 601/Loop 375 Direct Connector, the I-10 Collector-Distributor Lanes, the Americas Interchange Direct Connectors, and the Mesa Park Overpass and Frontage Roads. (County of El Paso)

The 16 projects stretch from west to east and include many both inside and outside the El Paso city limits. Here is a breakdown of the projects, some of which could see construction begin within a year.

I-10 Collector-Distributor Lanes (Mesa to Executive)
The Interstate 10 Collector-Distributor Lanes project is separated into two sections in the County’s Mobility Plan. The first stretches from Mesa Street on the far West Side of El Paso to an area just north of Executive Center Boulevard.

The approximately four mile project will, in essence, add a second set of freeway lanes that will “collect” and distribute traffic from off- and on-ramps, and keep them separate from the main lanes in the middle of I-10. Traffic entering and exiting I-10 will use these lanes and will not directly affect the main lanes.

Officials hope to have the environmental study and the schematic design completed by spring of 2014 with construction possibly beginning by the end of the same year. The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) held community meetings in 2012 to update the public on its Collector-Distributor Lanes plan.
This map, from the County’s Mobility Plan, shows the location of the 16 projects throughout the area. (County of El Paso)

I-10 Collector-Distributor Lanes (Mesa Park)
The southern portion of the I-10 Collector-Distributor Lanes project involves creating a new overpass at the interstate for a new City street that is part of a future SmartCode development. Mesa Park Drive will take traffic to and from the planned Aldea El Paso development and connect with Mesa Street to the east.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 37

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Newest State Park Entrance Design Revealed

Intersection at Loop 375 Simplified, Includes Wildlife Passage

The Texas Department of Transportation’s (TXDOT) newest plans for the Franklin Mountains State Park entrance on El Paso’s far Northwest Side is much simpler in design, according to concept images released last week. The intersection of the entrance at Loop 375 (Transmountain Road) will now also include a hiking and wildlife underpass.
The latest design for the Loop 375/Franklin Mountains State Park entrance intersection shows a simpler design with less disruption. A hiking underpass is at right. (TXDOT)

The images show a left-turn lane for vehicles traveling eastbound on Transmountain Road that will cross the median and yield to oncoming westbound traffic. The median cut will only be used for this purpose. Westbound travelers will still have a right-turn-only lane to enter the park.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Peek at Two Future Retail Developments

Images Offer Look at Possible Project Designs

As the city of El Paso continues spreading outward at its edges, retail developments are in the works to serve newer areas. Though many of these shopping centers are still in the works, some developers offer sneak peeks at what they may look like through renderings, concept images, and site plans.
An artist’s rendering shows what a future shopping center may look like at Redd Road and S. Desert Blvd., from the marketing brochure at www.rjlrealestate.com. (Concept designs are subject to change.)

One such development, at the corner of South Desert Boulevard and Redd Road, will add a 14.9-acre shopping center to the West Side. The center’s site plan at the RJL Real Estate website (www.rjlrealestate.com) shows multiple parcels surrounding a central larger plot.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Video Shows Water Utility's Plan to Curb I-10 Flooding

Flooding on Interstate 10 in Central El Paso has been an issue for many years during heavy rains. Storm water has caused the freeway to close completely, as many residents can attest. Now, El Paso Water Utilities is educating the public about its plan to fix the problem in a new video posted to its YouTube channel.

The video's description states: "A multi-year project has improved drainage in Central El Paso, including the critical I-10 area between Cotton and Copia Streets. Subsequent phases will provide additional ponds to capture runoff from the mountains and pipes and pumps to move water to the Rio Grande."

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get an Aerial Video View of 'Piazza Escondida'

The developer of a mixed-use development on El Paso's West Side, Piazza Escondida, has debuted an aerial video of the project from above.

The YouTube video shows an afternoon look at the Piazza, which currently has homes for sale. The Winton Homes Group project located at 6350 Escondido Drive will ultimately deliver more than 20 residential units surrounding a central plaza area complete with landscaping and a fully functional fountain.

The video was posted on YouTube and Facebook by Michael Duchouquette.

See our previous story on the project here: 'Piazza' Progresses: Modern West Side Project Has Old World Character

Thursday, December 12, 2013

City Working on Palisades Canyon Trailhead Design

The City of El Paso held a public charrette last month detailing three different options for developing a trailhead at the entrance to Palisades Canyon on the city’s West Side. The City will use funds from the 2012 Quality of Life bonds approved by voters to develop the trailhead.
This concept image shows a seating area located at the trailhead at Palisades Canyon. (Public Service Board)

Palisades Canyon is a 202-acre natural, open-space park sandwiched between Crazy Cat Mountain and the taller peaks of the Franklin Mountains, off of Robinson Avenue. The park contains approximately 4.5 miles of trails.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ballpark Traffic Study Findings to be Released

Construction on Stadium Continues at Steady Pace

The ballpark’s steel skeleton towers over Durango Street.
The City of El Paso’s Department of Transportation will hold a meeting this week to present the findings and recommendations of its Downtown Traffic Circulation Study. The study was developed to determine the effect of the ballpark, convention center, and Downtown events on traffic in the city’s core.

Construction crews are working quickly to ready the baseball stadium for opening day in April of next year. The main building’s form is now clear from most angles, with the entry tower along Durango Street prominent in the design.

The City’s latest update o
Sample of ballpark seating that may be used
at the Downtown stadium. (City of El Paso)
n construction of the ballpark focuses on the seating that will be available for visitors to the stadium. The seats will be the same type “installed at three of the last four Major League ballparks built around the country,” according to El Paso Chihuahuas General Manager Brad Taylor, at the City’s website.

“We will have comfortable chair-back seats in all parts of the ballpark – suites, club level, and concourse level.” There will be no metal bleachers to greet patrons.

The City will present the traffic study findings on Wednesday at 5:30 at the Downtown Library.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Montecillo Makes Big Moves

Project Readies for Town Center, Westward Expansion

Site preparation has finally begun on what will eventually become the Montecillo Town Center, part of the 292-acre Montecillo SmartCode development on El Paso’s West Side. Crews are clearing the way for the development’s “Entertainment District” which will house the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater that was announced as the first tenant earlier this year.
Construction machinery is helping to clear and level the site of the future Montecillo Town Center. The Alamo Drafthouse theater will be located here.

The property is currently a valley between two hills with relatively steep slopes on the eastern side of Mesa Street across from the Venue at Montecillo’s two northernmost apartment buildings. Parts of the property will be levelled to make construction of buildings more viable.

According to the Town Center’s leasing package, the project will add 37,000 square feet of big box retail, 80,000 square feet of “street” retail, and 56,200 square feet of commercial space. The move theater will consist of a 31,100 square foot building with 910 seats.
The View at Montecillo will offer housing options for seniors in El Paso. The 150-unit structure is under construction on El Paso’s west side.

There are 99 residential units planned for the site which will be incorporated into mixed-use buildings. And 1,165 parking spaces will be spread out among surface lots, parking structures, and on-street parking.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 35

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Closer Look: Cheryl Ladd Park Breaks Ground

Local Property Goes from Trash to Treasure

A former landfill that was once used to dispose of medical waste in the middle of an East El Paso neighborhood will soon begin a transformation that will turn it into a 6.3-acre neighborhood park. The $1.67 million Cheryl Ladd Park project, which will use funds from the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds approved by voters, broke ground earlier this month.
A multi-purpose field will take up the majority of Cheryl Ladd Park’s space, with the northern portion (right) having a concentration of amenities. (City of El Paso)

New amenities planned for the park include a new multi-purpose field, playground areas, a canopy shelter, picnic tables, benches, bike racks, paths, rock walls, lighting and an angled parking lot. The picnic tables and parking spaces with be compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UTEP to Get Sebastián Public Art Sculpture

One of the world’s most renowned public artists will create a sculpture to honor the University of Texas at El Paso’s (UTEP) centennial, the school announced last week. Mexican sculptor Sebastián will create the piece titled Esfera Cuántica Tlahtolli for UTEP on behalf of the people of Mexico via the Consul General of Mexico in El Paso.
This concept image shows the size of the sculpture that will sit in front of the Fox Fine Arts Center. (UTEP)

The sculpture, which has a generally spherical form with undulating lines formed by intersecting and morphed cones, will be 13 feet in diameter when completed and will be placed at the entrance of the Fox Fine Arts Center on UTEP’s campus. A smaller scale version was on hand last week at the announcement which was attended by the artist himself.

The Mexican gift is a symbol of friendship between the United States and Mexico, and between UTEP and the Mexican students that have been part of the university since its inception.

Sebastián attended the announcement ceremony at UTEP.
Sebastián has received acclaim for his public art pieces for decades, and recently received local notoriety for his large-scale sculpture in Juarez called La Equis, the red ‘X’ visible from many parts of the binational community.

“I am extremely honored that UTEP has accepted this gift from Mexico,” Sebastián stated during the announcement ceremony, according to UTEP News Service. “This quantic sphere symbolizes the good relationship that exists between the people of my country and Texas, as well as the dreams and great achievements that through communication and education we are called to accomplish together.”

The final sculpture should be completed in 2014, and will be dedicated as part of the Centennial Celebration.

MCA's Vision Becomes Reality

Fundraising Effort for First MCA Tech Park Building Gains Steam 

The Medical Center of the Americas (MCA) Foundation is ramping up its fundraising efforts to help make the planned Tech Park a reality at the medical campus in Central El Paso. Business and political leaders alike attended a fundraiser held last week for the future Cardwell Collaborative building, which is scheduled to break ground in 2014 at the new MCA Tech Park.
A display at the fundraising event for the Cardwell Collaborative shows construction materials that may be used in the building.

The fundraising effort has resulted in $10.3 million thus far, about 70% of the Foundation’s goal. This leaves around $3 million still left to raise.

The November 21, 2013 gala also honored businessman Jack Cardwell who donated an undisclosed “multi-million” dollar amount for the Tech Park’s first building, which has been named for him. Mr. Cardwell is known for creating the first Petro Stopping Center in 1975 and building it into a national company. The company was sold in 2007.
This concept site plan shows what the eventual layout may look like for the Tech Park. The Cardwell Collaborative building is nearest to Gateway East Boulevard, at the top of the image. (MCA Foundation)

Gala organizers also honored the United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) for a $1 million grant awarded to the Cardwell Collaborative. The federal money can be used towards design and architecture costs. According to its website (www.eda.gov), the EDA “supports development in economically distressed areas of the United States” by making “strategic investments that foster job creation and attract private investment.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 34

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Famous Dave’s Coming to Airway Boulevard

East Central El Paso will soon get a new Famous Dave’s restaurant location. “Opening Soon” signs have popped up at the former Jaxon’s Restaurant spot at 1135 Airway Boulevard. 
A "Famous Dave's Opening Soon" sign hangs on the former Jaxon's location on Airway Boulevard.

It will be the third location for the barbecue restaurant in El Paso. The future location is still not listed at the company's website (www.famousdaves.com), and no opening date is available.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Retail Buzz: TI:ME at Montecillo Reveals Two More Tenants

One of El Paso more unique retail developments, TI:ME at Montecillo, has recently revealed two more retailers that will be located at its center. Black Dot, a clothing store, and GlowDry, a “beauty bar”, have been “welcomed” by TI:ME’s Facebook page.
This picture from October, posted at facebook.com/TimeAtMontecillo, shows re-purposed shipping containers at TI:ME at Montecillo.

The “non-traditional” retail and restaurant center slated for the corner of Mesa Street and Montecillo Drive is one of the latest additions to the Montecillo development in west El Paso. The 12,000 square foot center is incorporating re-conditioned shipping containers in some of the construction. A mass of shipping containers of different colors can be seen just off of Mesa Street.
Construction began earlier this year on the project, driven by the creators/owners of Crave Kitchen and Bar and 1914 Lounge. Previously revealed tenants for the TI:ME center include HommeWork clothing boutique and Modern Hookah.

Facebook Page: facebook.com/TimeAtMontecillo

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From Avenue to Freeway

Montana Project May See Substantial Expansion

The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) revealed its latest plans for Montana Avenue at a public meeting last week, and its newest vision for the thoroughfare has grown considerably in less than a year. The thoroughfare, also known as US 62/180, may now become a freeway for over seven miles on El Paso’s East Side.
The new US 62/180 freeway may have direct connector ramps to and from Loop 375, as shown in this schematic design. (TXDOT)

The project’s limits stretch from half a mile west of Yarbrough/Global Reach Drive to a half mile east of North Zaragoza Road. TXDOT schematics show a controlled-access freeway with three lanes in each direction that will create overpasses and underpasses at major intersections.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 33

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Officials to Study Need for Downtown Parking Structure

Editor's Note: This story was first published at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, November 11, 2013 in our Weekly Edition

The City of El Paso is teaming up with the Downtown Management District and the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) to fund a study that would assess the need for a new parking facility in Downtown.
This image shows a concept parking structure encased by liner buildings that could be used for housing, office, or retail, from the Design Manual of Plan El Paso.

The three parties will contribute $20,000 each toward the study for a total of $60,000. The area of focus will be near the new City Hall.

The CRRMA will manage the development of the study and will most likely award the contract to Atkins North America, Inc., the General Engineering Consultant for the Authority. The study should be completed within one year of the agreement’s start date.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Retail Buzz: Possible New Tenants Revealed for 'Fountains'

Editor's Note: This story was first published at 7:30 a.m. on Monday, November 11, 2013 in our Weekly Edition

New tenants will continue to be revealed for the Fountains at Farah due to the numerous vacancies along the lifestyle promenade area of the center. Two possible eateries have been recently been revealed.
Image of the interior of a La Madeleine
restaurant, from lamadeleine.com.

The first is a restaurant that is already listed on the shopping center’s map, La Madeleine Country French Café. La Madeleine’s menu and décor are inspired by the French countryside, according the its website (lamadeleine.com).

Dallas-based La Madeleine has over 60 stores nationwide and specializes in fresh-baked baguettes, bold espressos, and delicate pastries. The typical restaurant is 3,500 square feet in size and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Fountains location will be situated at the southeastern end of the promenade.

A frozen yogurt shop may also add to the Fountains mix. Craze Yogurt Lounge (crazeyogurt.com) has applied for a Commercial Tenant Improvement permit through the City of El Paso for a location at the Fountains at Farah. The locally-owned chain has two locations in the city, one on the east side and another on the west side.

No opening date has been revealed for either tenant.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

'It's More Than Baseball' Video, Part 3

El Paso's Triple-A baseball team has released the third video in its It's More Than Baseball series. The video focuses on the logo and the work that marketing firm Brandiose did in developing the logo.

Check it out below.

‘Fountains at Farah’ Officially Opens

Lifestyle Promenade Filled with Amenities, Empty Spaces

The Fountains at Farah shopping center celebrated its official Grand Opening this past weekend, debuting the promenade area to the public. Despite the throng of visitors to the Fountains, many spaces along the lifestyle area remain empty with only a few stores open.
Visitors to the Fountains at Farah shopping center get an up close look at the “splash pad” fountain. The feature may be more popular in the summer.

Patrons at the center were greeted by entertainment, activities, and various fountains along the 1,800-foot “main street” promenade, the shopping area closest to Interstate 10. This lifestyle portion of the center includes one lane of traffic in each direction divided by a large median. Vehicles can park in angled spaces along the drive.

In the park-like median, shoppers will find interactive and decorative fountains, kiosks, and an amphitheater. An ice skating rink will soon join the lineup and is scheduled to be operational before the end of November.
Vehicles can park in angled spaces along the promenade at the Fountains at Farah.

Shops and restaurant spaces line each side of the “main street,” with storefronts along the northwestern side hiding the lower level of the parking garage. Escalators help shoppers get to and from the upper big-box level of the Fountains. And pleasant music fills the air from outdoor speakers placed strategically along paths.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 32

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In this edition:
'Fountains at Farah' Officially Opens
Retail Buzz: Possible New Tenants Revealed for 'Fountains'
Officials to Study Need for Downtown Parking Structure
NewsBits by El Paso DevWire

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mulligan Building Facade Makes Big Strides

After less than a year of construction, the newly-renamed Mulligan Building is starting to look like its old self. An updated photograph posted by architecture firm In*Situ on its Facebook page (below) shows that windows have been installed on the façade facing North Campbell Street.

The building looked much different earlier this year after decades of inactivity left the structure empty and with a previously “renovated” look. The brown and beige façade covered up historic brickwork and details.

Mulligan building prior to construction
this year. (www.insituarc.com)
Paul Foster, one of the partners involved in bringing a Triple-A ball club to El Paso, donated the 62,400 square foot building to the City in September of 2012 after officials voiced concern over the sales price of the building. The City had been looking for office space in order to facilitate relocation of departments so that the former City Hall could be emptied to make room for the Triple-A baseball stadium.

Two months ago, the building was renamed from the “Luther” to the “Mulligan” Building in honor of John Mulligan, the Irish immigrant who built the structure in 1915.

The $13.7 million project should be completed later this year, according to In*Situ’s website (www.insituarc.com). The building will house the City’s Information Technology and Engineering & Construction Management departments.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pedestrian Pathway Breaks Ground

The City of El Paso broke ground yesterday on the Convention Center North Pedestrian Pathway, a project that will connect the cultural/museum district of the city to the Union Plaza entertainment area. Currently, pedestrians must travel around the Convention Center to reach restaurants, clubs, and retail in Union Plaza.

The Pathway will be built in multiple phases, with the first focusing on areas around the Triple-A ballpark currently under construction. The project should be completed around February of 2015.

Read about the project in greater detail in our story from earlier this year:
Closer Look: Convention Center North Pedestrian Pathway

New Urbanism Puts El Paso in Spotlight

City Approached to Help Others Learn Planning Concepts

The City of El Paso shifted its focus a few years back to promoting smart growth, mixed-use, and walkable developments, and now officials in other U.S. cities are reaching out to El Paso when it comes to learning about new urbanism.
Mesa Street near UTEP reimagined using new urbanism and smart growth principles. (Plan El Paso)

El Paso officials developed a nine-week session on new urbanism to help affiliate internal department heads and engineers with the principles of mixed-use and sustainable neighborhood development, led by Mathew McElroy, Director of the City Development Department. Shortly thereafter, the sessions were opened up to local developers.

The fruits of the City’s labors have become clear as developments using new urbanism ideals are sprouting up. The developer of the Montecillo smart growth community has begun construction on SmartCode zoned lots, a first for El Paso, and another SmartCode development, Aldea, is planned immediately to its south.
New urbanism concepts include creating walkable neighborhoods with a mix of housing types. This concept image envisions such a neighborhood for the corner of Rojas Drive and Zaragoza Road where a credit union is currently located. (Plan El Paso)

Now, officials from other cities have taken notice and invited the City to teach new urbanism to their engineers and development personnel. In January, McElroy will run a learning session for scores of government workers in Oklahoma City, and another session is planned for Austin.

An article last month in Governing Magazine (www.governing.com) highlights the City’s efforts and goals in developing the learning sessions.
This rendering shows a new vision for Mesa Street in front of a shopping center which currently holds a Walmart and Home Depot. (Plan El Paso)

The City’s biggest new urbanism effort has been the implementation of Plan El Paso, the extensive planning document that was adopted into the comprehensive plan last year. The plan calls for creating walkable, smart growth neighborhoods throughout the city, incorporating many concepts of new urbanism.

Plan El Paso won the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2011 National Award for Smart Growth Achievement and has been lauded by development agencies and publications throughout the United States.

The entire Plan El Paso document can be seen at planelpaso.org. The Lead Consultant on the project was Dover, Kohl & Partners of Florida (www.doverkohl.com).

Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 31

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In this edition:

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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Toll Signs Go Up on Border Highway

Lanes May Open in Less Than Two Months

As construction on the Cesar Chávez Border Highway nears an end, work crews are now installing signs along the roadway that point out what's soon to come: toll lanes. 
Work crews prepare to install "Toll Lane" signs along the Border Highway in El Paso.

Beginning in December, drivers can opt to take the inside lane along the nine-mile stretch of Loop 375 and pay a toll. The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) is calling them "managed" lanes because the actual fee to drive on the lanes will vary based on demand and the time of day.

The two original main lanes in each direction from US-54 to the Zaragoza Port of Entry will remain free and were reconstructed as part of the project.

Transportation officials pitched the idea of toll lanes years back as a way to speed up road construction in the Sun City. 

Though the project is the first to bring the "managed" lanes to El Paso, it won't be the last. Next up will be an extension of the lanes through the Americas Avenue portion of Loop 375 up to Bob Hope Drive on the East Side, and the massive Border Highway West extension whcih will be an entirely tolled facility.
Vehicles will only be allowed to enter or exit toll lanes at specific points.

Read more about the toll lanes and the CRRMA's marketing plans in our related story here:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stiles Park to Receive 50 Trees

City to Hold Meeting on Planned Improvements

The City of El Paso will hold a community meeting next week to outline upcoming improvements to Stiles Parks in the Lower Valley. The neighborhood park is located near the corner of Stiles Drive and Dodge Road, south of North Loop.
Improvements to the park will include a new 8-foot wide concrete walking and jogging path, 50 new trees and 90 new shrubs, a drip irrigation system, a new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant parking space, and a bike rack.

Construction should begin in November with completion scheduled for early 2014. The $157,777 contract was awarded in September to Black Stallion LB Construction of El Paso.

The meeting will be held Monday, November 4, 2013, at Ramona Elementary School beginning at 5:30 p.m. 

Liberty Expressway to be Widened

Spur 601 to Get More Lanes, Frontage Roads

Yet another East El Paso freeway will see major construction in the coming years. That’s according to a Public Meeting Notice released by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).

Spur 601, also known as Liberty Expressway, will get an additional lane in each direction as a result of the project which stretches from Airport Road to Loop 375 in East Fort Bliss. This will increase the number of lanes to three in each direction. The Spur already has three lanes in each direction west of the planned project.

Frontage roads will also be added along the five-mile stretch, though it’s unclear if the gateways will span the entire distance. 

The project’s meeting comes on the heels of other similar projects in East El Paso and Fort Bliss publicized earlier this month. Frontage roads will also be added to Loop 375 from the Spur 601 interchange southward to Montana Avenue.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Twelve-Story Apartment High-Rise Coming to Downtown El Paso

TJ Karam, partner at Bearing Development, has told KVIA that he and a group of investors plan to build a 11 1/2 to 12-story apartment building in Downtown El Paso about a block from the baseball stadium site. The first floor of the building will house a beer garden.
Future site of an apartment high-rise in Downtown El Paso. (Bearing Development)

The structure will be built at 533 West Franklin Street, less than 500 feet to the west of the future Triple-A ballpark, the site of the former Oscar's Laundry building which currently stands vacant. Bearing Development told the El Paso Times earlier this year that plans were in the works for 40 apartment units at that location, though the size of the building was not disclosed at the time.

Ballpark Readies for 'Chihuahuas'

New Team Name Getting National Attention

Whether or not you like the Triple-A team name revealed last week for El Paso’s coming ball club, work on the stadium continues at full speed in anticipation of opening day in April. Still, the newly named Chihuahuas are turning heads and garnering attention throughout the country after the announcement of the team name.
Steel archways will hover over the concourse at the Triple-A ballpark. (City of El Paso)

Steel columns and girders have turned construction vertical at the ballpark construction site, helping define archways under which visitors to the stadium will pass. The columns will support the club and press levels, rising about 50 feet above Durango Street. Nearly 1,000 tons of steel will be used in constructing the stadium.

Construction can also be seen on structures along Santa Fe Street. These will house the outfield buildings which will include levels to be used for parties and events.

“We are entering a phase of construction in which we’ll see rapid progress,” states Alan Shubert, the Project Manager for the stadium construction site, on the City’s website. “While the steel work is the most visible, work is progressing rapidly on all corners of the construction site.”

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 30

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

East El Paso, Fort Bliss to See More Highway Construction

Projects Lined Up for Loop 375, US 62, Zaragoza Rd.
The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) will hold community meetings in the coming weeks to inform the public about four new projects planned for East El Paso and Fort Bliss. Projects include widening of highways and roads, building new frontage roads, and a first-of-its-kind interchange in El Paso.

Loop 375 Widening

The first project will widen Loop 375 from Spur 601 to Montana Avenue, adding a lane in each direction. Currently, the freeway has two travel lanes in each direction and the project will add a third.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekly Edition, Issue 29

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Friday, October 18, 2013

UTEP Gives Basketball Court New Paint Job

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) recently posted a time-lapse video (below) to its YouTube channel showing crews applying a new paint job to the Don Haskins Center’s basketball court floor. The design includes two large pickaxes in subdued tones spanning the width of the court.

Take a look at how crews got the job done in the video: