Friday, December 7, 2012

Americas Interchange Phase 1 Nearing End; Phase 2 Coming Soon

The long awaited Americas Interchange will open to traffic in one month, and the construction of additional direct connector ramps will soon follow. The newest edition of the Americas Interchange Newsletter highlights the work Americas Gateway Builders has accomplished in building the first three ramps of the massive project and also provides a peak at an additional three ramps that could start construction soon.

Phase One, consisting of three direct connectors between Interstate 10 and Loop 375, is slated for completion in January of 2013 but could open to the public before the end of December of this year. Major work on the project includes:

♢ Three bridges,
♢ Two exit ramps from I-10 (one in each direction),
♢ Five embankments,
♢ Fourteen retaining walls,
♢ Resurfacing of the intersection at Joe Battle and Rojas,
♢ Resurfacing of signi´Čücant stretches of frontage roads,
♢ Frontage ramp below the Southbound to Westbound direct connector,
♢ Improved drainage, and
♢ Relocation of utilities.

Phase Two will also consist of building three direct connectors, Westbound I-10 to Northbound Loop 375, Westbound I-10 to Southbound Loop 375, and Eastbound I-10 to Southbound Loop 375. The contract for the project has been awarded to J.D. Abrams of Austin. No timeline has been given, but a project page at the J.D. Abrams website indicates a possible completion date of December 2013.

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