Friday, November 30, 2012

NE El Paso Next In Line for SmartCode

A 451-acre plot of land in Northeast El Paso could be next in line for SmartCode zoning. That's according to a rezoning application that the City Plan Commission will hear at its December 6, 2012 meeting.

The land will be divided into three "New Community, Traditional Neighborhood Developments" which will split the acreage into three pedestrian sheds. A pedestrian shed is an area that defines the distance a pedestrian can walk in five minutes. This, along with interconnected blocks, bike paths, and greenways will encourage walkability within the development. 

The development will be split into three neighborhoods.
The project will be interspersed with civic buildings, playgrounds, and shopfronts, and will focus on creating terminating vistas throughout. Plazas and main squares will be placed strategically within the neighborhoods. A transit center is also planned for the development.

The land, owned by the City of El Paso and managed by the Public Service Board, is located along the southern edge of US-54 east of McCombs Street. Once rezoning is approved, the City may move to hire a master developer, though no timeline is available for the project. The plan was developed by URS Corporation, the same firm that is helping plan the retirement community just north of this project.

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City Plan Commission agenda: