Thursday, November 8, 2012

Americas Interchange Nearing Opening

The long awaited Americas Interchange at Interstate 10 and Loop 375 is about two months away from opening to the public, and the latest newsletter from the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) states that the finishing touches are being put on the three direct connectors that make up this phase of the project.

According to the newsletter, the following items are on track to be completed in the next two months:

• Final deck pours for the EBNB direct connector are scheduled for November;
• Grooving the bridge deck will continue;
• Placing concrete barrier rail for bridges & ramps;
• Placing sidewalks;
• Painting of all three direct connectors;
• Entering the final stages of construction for the embankments on the Joe Battle frontage roads north of Rojas; and
• Final asphalt pavement is scheduled to take place throughout the month.

The $141 million (revised) project is scheduled for completion in January 2013. The CRRMA is working on finding funding for the five remaining direct connector ramps.

Americas Interchange website:

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