Friday, October 5, 2012

New Airport Rental Car Garage to Include Public Art

The City is moving forward with plans to create a three level parking structure at the airport which will be used by rental car companies for pick up and return of automobiles used by travelers. The Consolidated Rental Car Facility (ConRAC) will be located immediately to the west of El Paso International Airport's main terminal, steps away from the baggage claim area.

Concept design of the structure in the Southern Industrial Park Master Plan.
Included in the structure will be Ready and Return areas, customer kiosks, fueling and car wash areas, a light maintenance facility, and vehicle storage for use by the rental companies. It will include 650-700 parking stalls and be designed using Smart Growth and Congress for New Urbanism principles, including a focus on pedestrian accessibility. The final structure will conform with the newly released Southern Industrial Park Master Plan SmartCode guidelines.

The City will choose an architect for the project at its October 9, 2012, meeting. According to the agenda item, the City is poised to award the $2.7 million contract to the firm of Demattei Wong Architecture, Inc. of California. Demattei Wong will develop schematic and final construction designs as well as oversee the eventual $30 million construction project, which will be paid from airport revenues. Demattei Wong has constructed multiple ConRAC facilities around the United States.

A Public Art project will also be incorporated into the structure, and the City may choose Allbritton Lee, LLC of Texas as the artist, according to the Council agenda. The $350,000 project includes the design, fabrication, and installation of the final art piece, which will be incorporated into the parking structure's construction timeline. Allbritton Lee consists of artists Norman Lee and Shane Allbritton who have multiple public art installations around the country, including pieces at Houston's Hobby Airport and Texas A&M University.

An Allbritton Lee installation at Hobby Airport.
The design and bidding phase of the parking structure project should be completed within 10 months, at which time construction may begin.

City Council Agenda:

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