Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fox Plaza Diversifies, Adds Medical Office Building

Fox Plaza, one of south-central El Paso's largest shopping centers, will soon add a new medical office building to the popular retail site located at the intersection of Paisano Drive and Alameda Avenue. An 11,400 square foot building will be constructed just outside of the southeast corner of the current center boundary and will be dedicated to tenants who provide medical services.

The move to include a more diverse mix of uses at the center is intended to loosely mirror the vision that Plan El Paso has for Fox Plaza. That's according to the center's property manager, Jeannette Negrete, who adds, "It's part of a transformation into a lifestyle center, offering expanded services." The idea to add medical services was also influenced by the expansion of the nearby Medical Center of the Americas campus, which includes University Medical Center and the Texas Tech School of Medicine.

Long-term concept for Fox Plaza in Plan El Paso.
Fifty percent of the medical building has already been pre-leased and a total of six to eight tenants will occupy the space. Construction is expected to be completed by July of 2013. Another medical provider, Kool Smiles, recently had 7,500 square feet of space renovated for its location at the center.

Fox Plaza Medical Building page:
Leasing Information: 915-779-8424

City Adopts 'Plan El Paso'


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