Friday, October 5, 2012

Americas Interchange Will Open in Three Months

Over two years after construction began, the Americas Interchange is getting ready to open to motorists, and the builder has submitted a notice of "substantial completion" with a target date of November 21, 2012. The latest version of the Americas Interchange Newsletter indicates that this is a non-binding notice, but shows how close Americas Gateway Builders feels that completion is near. The official opening is scheduled for January 2013.

This project involves construction of three direct connectors as well as reconstruction of one cloverleaf at the frontage road level. All physical milestones are at or near 100% complete, including 114 out of 114 drill shafts, 93 out of 93 columns, 78 out of 78 bent caps, 363 out of 363 concrete beams, 96 out of 96 steel girders, and 51 out of 76 bridge deck spans.

The focus of the October newsletter is how the painting process signals that the end of the project is getting near since aesthetic improvements are usually the last step of a road project. The newsletters states that themes used in aesthetics can help differentiate projects in El Paso from other cities, adding that "aesthetics lighten the mundane."

Read the entire newsletter by clicking here (PDF).

Americas Interchange Landscape Options to be Considered by CRRMA