Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Americas Interchange Landscape Options to be Considered by CRRMA

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority (CRRMA) will soon consider landscape plans for the Americas Interchange/Cloverleaf currently under construction on El Paso's east side. The board, which is in charge of the majority of transportation projects in El Paso, will review an item at its August 29, 2012 meeting which introduces three different landscape designs.
Option 1
The major elements of Option 1 include large stone-filled cages surrounded by large grasses which will be lit up at night, boulders surrounding the outer edges of each cloverleaf, parallel zones made of colored stones, and smaller trees lining the outer edges.

Option 2 includes large boulders in the center of each cloverleaf surrounded by artistic wall sculptures, more boulders along the outside of each curve, and grasses and trees providing greenery. The trees would also be native plantings and line the outer edges of the overall interchange.
Option 2
And Option 3 would include a simpler design with mounds of shrubs and grasses interspersed throughout the grounds. No decorative boulders or sculptures would be included in this design, and native trees would surround the site.
Option 3
The CRRMA Board may approve a design at the meeting. The designs were developed by Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

CRRMA website: http://www.crrma.org/