Monday, August 6, 2012

Americas Interchange Five Months From Completion

The three direct connectors that are part of the current Americas Interchange project are on track to be completed by January of 2013. And the completion of all columns and the placement of all steel girders are the latest marks of progress at the $141 Million project.

The latest edition of the Americas Interchange Newsletter also states that 114 out of 114 drill shafts have been constructed, 70 out of 78 bent caps have been constructed, 291 out of 363 concrete beams have been placed, and 26 out of 76 bridge deck spans have been poured.

Bridge decks are a highlight of the August newsletter, revealing that the "Americas bridges have been designed with a service life of 100 years; however, the decks are not expected to achieve such a long life span and are typically repaired every 10 to 20 years within the life of the bridge."

No major delays have been announced, though the builder did experience unforeseen days lost due to rainy weather in July, according to the July meeting of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority board meeting.

Americas Interchange website:

Progress Continues at Americas Interchange