Friday, July 6, 2012

Progress Continues at Americas Interchange

The Americas Interchange continues to make shape just six months from its expected completion date. Crews are moving at a furious pace to meet their deadline, and monumental changes are seen on a nearly daily basis.

According to the Project Schedule, utility work is complete with most work focusing on the direct connector ramps. The majority of columns have been placed, while concrete and steel beams are at about 60-70%. Concrete work is being used on the shorter bridge expanses while steel beams are used for longer stretches, such as on the eastbound to northbound ramp.

To date, 110 out of 114 drill shafts have been constructed, 84 out of 93 columns have been completed, 54 out of 78 bent caps have been constructed, 213 out of 363 concrete beams have been placed, 68 out of 96 steel girders have been placed, and 13 out of 76 bridge deck spans have been poured.

Three direct connectors should be completed by January 2013, which is the scope of the current project. However, a fourth direct connector could begin construction at the tail end of this project. This would create a ramp from Interstate 10 westbound to Loop 375 northbound. No word yet on the expected completion date for the fourth connector.

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