Friday, July 20, 2012

Infill Projects Slated for Sunset Heights, Magoffin

Two infill projects are planned for Sunset Heights in El Paso.
Two new infill projects have their targets set on historic Sunset Heights in El Paso, and a third is slated for the Magoffin area just east of Downtown. The projects point to an uptick in interest in developing additional housing for the city's central core as focus on Downtown's redevelopment continues on an upward swing.

The first project is located at 1416 Fewel Street, just south of the UTEP campus. Plans presented to the Historic Landmark Commission show a new single family residence proposed for the property. Currently, the plot is vacant except for a still-standing separate garage which will be saved in the new plan.

The second project will go up at 1207 Los Angeles Drive, only two blocks away from the first project. This larger property will house a seven unit, two-story apartment building, ranging from one to three bedrooms. Elevations show what appears to be a craftsman design and include tapered columns, decorative vents, exposed beams, and balconies. Several units will also have one- or two-car garages accessible from the rear.

The third project is located at 1107 Magoffin Avenue and will be a combination apartment and office building. It will include three one-bedroom apartments and a two-office suite. The exterior will be brick and include brick columns supporting an upstairs balcony porch. This project is located one block east of the brand new Magoffin Park Villas apartment building.

All three projects are located in historic districts and must receive approval from the Historic Landmark Commission to move forward with construction. The Commission's duty is to ensure:

• Any new construction must be compatible in size, texture, color, design, proportion
and detail to adjacent buildings and streetscapes.
• New structures should respect the integrity of existing buildings.
• Setbacks, proportion, rhythm, and building elements should all be addressed.
• The predominant existing building line must be maintained.
• All new construction should preserve and enhance the streetscape.

The Historic Landmark Commission will consider these projects at its July 23, 2012 meeting.

Historic Landmark Commission meeting agenda:

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