Sunday, July 8, 2012

'Fountains' Website Updated, Debuts New Images

The website for the upcoming Fountains at Farah shopping center has been updated to include new images of what the expected shopping center will look like when it opens in fall of 2013. Three images have been added showing two different perspectives of the overall center and a close up of what will be considered the central area of the promenade. An updated Site Plan is also included at the website.
The promenade is considered the lifestyle area of the center and includes retailers and restaurants on both sides of the main drive area. On-street angled parking will be complemented by smaller pocket parking lots located between the shops lining Gateway West Boulevard. Shops along the northern side of the promenade will actually line and hide the lower level of a double deck parking structure. Multiple entrances to the first parking level will be located along the promenade.
The images show additional lifestyle features such as multiple fountains, common areas, benches, kiosks, specialty lighting, a stage, and sculptures. Trolleys can also be seen and will circulate throughout the Fountains to assist shoppers with traversing the half-mile-plus long center. Dozens of trees should also help shield pedestrians from El Paso's notoriously blazing sun.

Located behind and above the promenade will be the larger "big box" retailers, situated at the same elevation as the second level of the parking structure. This area will feel like a typical power shopping center, though shaded parking has been added to the project images. Escalators and elevators will help shoppers travel from the lower promenade to the upper anchor stores.

No retailers have been announced for the promenade section of the Fountains at Farah, though Nordstrom Rack recently acknowledged a future presence in the "big box" area of the center. EMJ Construction of Dallas is the center's builder.

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