Saturday, July 21, 2012

CVS Pharmacy May Open Downtown Location

An application to the City's Historic Landmark Commission has revealed the location of a possible future CVS Pharmacy in the heart of Downtown. The building that will house the pharmacy, at 201 N. Mesa Street, is in the Downtown Historic District and requires an application for any outdoor alterations. In this case, the application is for signage on the exterior walls facing both Mesa Street and Texas Avenue.

The pharmacy signals a new willingness for national retailers to consider opening locations in Downtown El Paso and could be an acknowledgement of an increase in housing and commercial movement into the city's core. Private and public investment in Downtown has been the most in decades within the last few years, and may come to a head with the construction of a baseball stadium at the current City Hall location.

The historic building is two levels and appears to be currently vacant. It is unclear if the second level will also be occupied or renovated. The new pharmacy would be the first CVS in El Paso, though the company could be looking to open other locations within the city, and would be located directly across Mesa Street from a Walgreen's. Downtown residents and workers should benefit from the competition if the CVS plan comes to fruition.

The Historic Landmark Commission will hear the application at its July 23, 2012 meeting. River Oaks Properties is the owner of the building.

Historic Landmark Commission agenda item (PDF):