Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nordstrom Rack 'Fountains' Location Details

Nordstrom Rack this week became the first retailer to reveal itself as a tenant of the upcoming Fountains at Farah shopping center in east El Paso. Nordstrom, Inc., announced that the store will occupy approximately 35,000 square feet of space at the new center and will open in fall of 2013 when construction is scheduled for completion.

According to unofficial renders, the store will be located in the eastern section of the center with other big box retailers. The center's architecture may include a modern aesthetic, and the conceptual image of the Nordstrom Rack store is in line with this design style.
Location of Nordstrom Rack within the center.
Now that a future Fountains at Farah tenant has made an announcement, other retailers may now feel comfortable making their intentions known to the public as well. In addition, this strong retail presence may entice other on-the-fence retailers to come on board with the center. Look for additional announcements in the coming months.

Nordstrom Rack is the discount arm of Nordstrom stores, offering merchandise at a higher discount than that seen in regular Nordstrom department stores. There are currently 110 Rack locations throughout the United States with nine in Texas and zero in New Mexico.

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