Sunday, May 27, 2012

Website Offers Glimpse of Montecillo's Future

New images of the Montecillo smart code project have surfaced thanks to a new website for EPT Land Communities' 288 acre smart code development in west El Paso. The images seem to focus on land east of Mesa Street.

The pictures include expected smart code details, such as zero-setback buildings, on-street parking, transit stops, high-end finishes, and include water features and interesting architecture. Parking structures are hidden within a retail/commercial buildings.

The website includes a map that acts as a starting point to different areas of the development. Currently, only the Venue at Montecillo apartment community has a functioning link, but other highlighted sections include the Retreat at Montecillo senior apartments, the T.I.M.E. at Montecillo retail/restaurant incubator, and a future EPISD school site.

Sections of the website include a "Homefinder" which will introduce those interested in living in the development to different housing options, and a "Retail/Commercial" area which retailers can use to find available space. There is also a "News" section which is currently non-functioning.

Montecillo website:


  1. Hi' I am new here, great website btw! Love all the info on El Paso moving forward. We need a great site like this about our future.

    Ok, about this project, it looks great! We need more projects like this. Its good to see Monticello, Aldea, and El Cruzero moving forward and transforming El Paso into a modern city.

  2. Thanks for your comments! Like you, we can't wait to see these projects come to fruition. Montecillo was the first to break ground, and we should see Aldea and El Cruzero begin on their projects relatively soon.

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