Monday, May 7, 2012

Union Plaza Pros Plan Montecillo Presence

Montecillo is about to get its first restaurant tenants in a new plan by three entrepreneurs who are better known for their Union Plaza endeavors 1914 and The Garden, and for the wildly popular Crave Kitchen on the east side and by UTEP. In a story in this week's El Paso Inc., Nick Salgado, Octavio Gomez, and Rudy Valdes discuss their plan to occupy a smart code compliant building with an informal incubator-type "center" that will assist local investors in developing restaurant/retail brands by helping them with space, advice, and clientele.
The new center could be situated in the large blank area at the corner of Montecillo Blvd and Mesa Street.
Construction should begin in June on an 11,000 square foot building that will be nestled among the four current buildings that make up The Venue at Montecillo. They hope to have their first restaurants open by January. The trio would not disclose the amount of investment they are making, but did say that it's the largest investment they have made to date.
The Venue at Montecillo Conceptual Image
El Paso Inc. article: