Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Americas Interchange Takes Shape

Constructions crews continue to work at a breakneck pace to meet a January 2013 deadline for completion of the Americas Interchange at Interstate 10 and Loop 375. Progress can clearly be seen on a week to week basis as workers continuously work on columns and bridge structures.

According to the project's May newsletter 105 out of 114 drill shafts have been constructed, 76 out of 93 columns have been completed, 43 out of 78 bent caps have been constructed, 136 out of 363 concrete beams have been placed, and  6,444 square feet out of 70,165 square feet of retaining walls have been constructed. The majority of the beam work has been concentrated to the westbound ramps.

May Newsletter from Project website (PDF): http://www.crrma.org/americas/_documents/Americas%20Interchange%20Project%20Newsletter%20(May%202012).pdf#view=fitH