Saturday, April 21, 2012

TXDOT to Introduce Spaghetti Bowl Improvements

The Texas Department of Transportation will update City Council on April 24 on the status of two large upcoming projects in central El Paso, an aesthetics improvement project for the US-54/I-10 interchange better known as the Spaghetti Bowl, and an interchange revamp for the intersection of Paisano Drive and Alameda Avenue.
The Spaghetti Bowl project limits are I-10 from Raynolds Street to Copia Street and US 54 from
Yandell Drive to Alameda Avenue. Improvements will consist of cleaning and repainting the bridge structures; lead paint and asbestos abatement; high mast, accent and underpass lighting; riprap repairs and improvements; landscape improvements (compatible with City’s Corridor Aesthetics Plan); use of loose aggregate for ground cover; landscape planting of the interchange; installation of a landscape/aesthetic wall along the northeast boundary; installation of aesthetic towers; and a railing upgrade along US-54.
There will be six towers in total which will be placed at various intervals along the interchange, ranging in height from 70 to 100 feet. Medium- and large-size trees will also be an important part of the landscaping process.
The second project consists of a complete overhaul of the Paisano/Alameda interchange, which currently consists of an overpass in only one direction and confusing multi-way intersections. The new draft plan replaces these elements with a dual-roundabout strategy which will also eliminate traffic lights and work to calm traffic in an area which is poised to see an increase in pedestrians due to the expansion of the Medical Center of the Americas project. This project is still in draft plan status and is subject to change.
TXDOT will most likely brief the city on the status of funding and timelines for each project.
City Council Agenda item (PDF):


  1. Love the idea for the Spaghetti bowl although i was hoping for a bit more color, are there renderings of what the lighting will look like under the the bridges?

  2. This is more than anyone could have expected for El Paso to finally do for its outdated infrastructure. Please update the lighting, those light towers on the spaghetti bowl are horrible to look at. El Paso needs to play catch up with the rest of Texas big cities.

  3. There are no public details available yet as to what the underpass lighting will look like, unfortunately. But the aesthetic towers look like they may also be lit. As for the current light towers, it would be surprising if TxDOT got rid of those, though it would be nice to see them go.

  4. I have to agree, I was kind of hoping for ambient light under the bridges you know, but we will see. I think the move is too update all freeway lighting to the big light towers we see downtown now.