Thursday, April 5, 2012

Housing Authority Plans Eastside Mixed-Use Development

The Housing Authority of El Paso has submitted a rezoning application to the City Plan Commission for a 16 acre mixed-use development on the east side which will incorporate smart growth principles. It is located near the intersection of Joe Battle and Zaragoza, immediately to the north of a shopping center whose main anchor is JCPenney. The development will be comprised of 31 units of differing sizes and densities and will contain a total of 199 dwelling units.
Walking and biking paths will run throughout the site, and a community center will be located near Joe Battle. A transit stop will also be located within the development. The land was originally zoned as a cookie-cutter east side neighborhood made up entirely of detached single family housing units.
No word yet on a timeline for the development.

City Plan Commission Agenda Item(PDF):