Friday, April 6, 2012

CRRMA Adds Ramps to Americas Interchange

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority will add construction of two more direct connectors to the Americas/Interstate 10 Interchange project. This brings the total number of ramps that are funded or expect funding to five out of a total of eight in the overall plan's scope.
According to the April 2012 Project Newsletter, "Through additional cooperation among the regional partners, the community is now poised to add two more direct connectors to this important regional interchange. The design of both by the CRRMA has begun, with the hopes that the construction by TxDOT can begin after Substantial Completion of the three current project direct connectors, in January 2013." The new direct connectors will connect I-10 West to 375 South and I-10 West to 375 North.
Work on the initial three direct connectors continues at a fast pace, with beams now clearly visibly spanning several columns. Construction work is about 50% done with workers on track for an on-time completion. A major ramp closure will occur this month when the 375 South exit ramp to Rojas and I-10 is permanently closed. Traffic needing to access I-10 will have to exit miles north at Pellicano. The closure is necessary to complete construction of the corresponding direct connector.
Americas Interchange Newsletter (PDF):