Saturday, April 28, 2012

City to Vote on Montecillo Smart Zone Application

The City will vote on May 15 on a smart code application for the mixed-use Montecillo development. The application is part of the incentives agreement the City approved for Montecillo last year, which dictated that the developer must submit a smart code rezoning application within a year.
Unlike an illustrative land-use map, smart code zoning shows general zones which each have their own rules as to density, parking, setbacks, streets, etc. The darker shaded areas generally denote higher densities with building facades directly lining sidewalks.
To date, four buildings are nearing completion and are collectively called The Venue at Montecillo. Up next is a senior housing/retirement home which will go up along Castellano, west of Mesa. EPT Land Communities has mentioned that townhomes are also due to begin construction in the next phase of building.

City Council Item: