Tuesday, March 13, 2012

UTEP Plan Shows Schuster Realignment

The UTEP Master Plan, unveiled last year, shows massive changes, including a doubling of building space, removing vehicular traffic from the campus core, and a realignment of Schuster Avenue which will move it southward and create an overpass at I-10.

Currently, Schuster Ave. takes a curve northward and then back westward when approaching the freeway from the east. In the new plan, Schuster continues westward in a nearly straight line, crossing I-10 via a new overpass that the City has said it supports. If all goes as planned, Schuster would connect to Paisano, making the campus more accessible for students.

It's still unclear how a Border Highway west extension would connect to the plan. Previous mentions of the 375 extension have indicated that the main lanes of the new freeway would float above Paisano.