Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foster Out of San Jacinto Redesign

KVIA is reporting that Paul Foster's Mills Plaza Properties has removed itself from helping to redesign and reconstruct San Jacinto Plaza in the heart of Downtown. The decision comes after some members of the public showed concern that the Lagartos sculpture was removed from the park in the initial redesigns. Later designs inserted the sculpture back into the park, and now include a shade structure to protect the piece of art from the sun.

The final design has tentatively received approval from the city, and the total price tag for the project is estimated to be $4-5 Million. Groundbreaking is still many months away, and it is unclear if Foster's decision will affect Mills Plaza's participation in the Mills Plaza Promenade project, a pedestrian-only right of way between Foster's Mills Building and Plaza Hotel.

KVIA Video Report: